About the Place...

Bullock Mountain Homestead was originally a much larger sheep property until it was bought by Steve Langley in the late seventies. Steve created 'Pubcrawls on Horseback' a highly successful business that he ran until the 90's before selling it on and starting a horse riding business just up the road, Three Waters. Steve and Alison Woods then ran Pubcrawls until selling the property to Malcolm Watts and Anne Edwards in 2014. While the property no longer does horse riding, Anne and Mal cater to campers and guests who want basic accommodation. Fossicking is available along the Reddestone Creek and the fossicking park for those who prefer to fossick 'the easy way'.


Bullock Mountain is so named because the mountain resembles a bullocks back and can be easily distinguished for kilometers around the district. The property was mined for sapphires along the Reddestone Creek for many years and remnants of the old mine can still be seen. Most of the property is rugged bushland with cleared areas along the river for camping and fishing. Over 50 species of birds have been identified and wildlife is prolific.


The property is particularly suited for families, with cleared areas around the homestead for kids to run around, ride their bikes and generally have a great time. They usually love to go yabbying in the dams and creek and try their hand at finding a sapphire. 


For people with a 4WD there are tracks over to the river and around the property. There are a number of deep waterholes suitable for fishing and swimming or just having a picnic in a beautiful spot. The property becomes a blaze of yellow during early spring with wattle flowering profusely, followed by the pristine white of the ti tree.


There are many deer on the property and during mating season (around March) you can hear them call and fight. Even from the homestead and units you can see deer and wallabies grazing in the late afternoon and early mornings. 


Sit around a warming campfire after a day of fossicking, fishing, bushwalking or birdwatching and enjoy the natural bushland setting of Bullock Mountain Homestead.